Weekly Roundup, December 22, 2006

By Herb

Perspectives on 2006

2006 saw Web trends a-plenty

From Google/YouTube to Vista launch, revisit the Top 10 Tech Stories of 2006

What were Web users searching for? The Year in Search: A 2006 Review

What’s up for 2007

Rebecca Lieb gives her insights on what online advertising and media will do in 2007

What will be important on the Web in 2007? Check out Read/WriteWeb’s predictions


Did you notice the uptick on December 12th? Online holiday spending peaked at $666.9 million

Let spam can do its worst—permission marketing still works

Five strategies for Internet marketing success

Poll shows that Internet marketing leads to offline purchases

Web Design

How to make your Web site sing for you

A designer speaks, with some tips to strengthen your Web site’s look


Google tops the list of Best Web BigCo.s of 2006

Want to know more about the man behind the curtain? How Google Ranks Ads: A Peek into the Black Box

Google Checkout is trying to chip away at PayPal


Apple has had a few missteps over the years, but these Top Five Business Decisions have made them what they are today


Yahoo! For Good: mixing social networking with charity

Nielsen puts Yahoo! at #1 for page views in 2006—higher than Google

Despite this, Yahoo! lags Google in revenue. Does this make it ripe for a takeover, just like AOL?

Or are we looking at a possible Yahoo! / AOL merger?


How to make the most of your blog for free Internet marketing

Around the Web

Top 10 Web domains increasing in reach since 2001