Weekly Roundup, December 15, 2006

By Herb


Tired of having to switch pay-per-click every time you go from Overture to Google? ClickZ makes the case for universal PPC standards.

A/B testing for your Web ads: four steps to more effectiveness.

You may have noticed: spam is out of control.

What’s more relevant: organic, or paid? Guess again! And read this article on paid search strategy.

Ad placements by industry, November 2006

Broadband now at 75% in the US.

Five secret strategies to increase interactive marketing revenue.


Just when you thought there were enough Google apps, they’ve added domain names.

Google’s side of the story.

It’s like the Life Magazine that was: in 2006, you saw it first on YouTube.

Google licenses YouTube video sharing to Brit broadcasting network.


Maybe Vista has quirks, but Mac OS isn’t perfect either: 15 Things Apple Should Change in Mac OS X.

Reporting a little trouble: Apple files to delay annual report.


Vista expected to create 157K new jobs and pump $70 billion into the US IT industry.

…but, “the era of monolithic deployments of software is nearing an end.


The Amazon / IBM cat fight continues over WebSphere.


MySpace tops Yahoo! in Web traffic

So, Yahoo! tries to buy Facebook, but it’s a no go


Well, at this rate, he’s not going to get our vote: John McCain’s war on blogs.

And, another opinion we don’t agree with: Analysts say blogging craze likely to end soon.

Around the Web

Ten new technologies we’ll be hearing about in 2007.

Did you know there’s a top twenty list for passwords? First five: password1, abc123, myspace1, password, blink182. Hint: don’t use any of these.