Weekly Roundup, December 1, 2006

By Herb

Cyber Monday

All hail Cyber Monday—this year broke records

More news from Forbes

For the Brit version

In-depth from New York Times


YouTube helps traditional viewership ratings in the real world …

… but no more Answers from Google.


They thought Microsoft couldn’t do it: Zune at #2 its first week on the market. (iPod still #1.)


Finally, we can ditch Frontpage! Microsoft launches Web page editor Expression.

Microsoft hires ex-‘Apprentice’ star to judge new show about small business


Amazon Web Services stacking up to be pretty impressive

Match made in movie heaven: Amazon and Netflix


Yahoo! makes ads and content deal with 176 newspapers—blow to Google


Faking it—Using fictional user profiles on social marketing sites

The Number One Secret to Internet Marketing Success

Two ways to boost your online profits

Ten tips for maximizing your online marketing efforts

Learn the advantages of publishing articles online

Search and RSS

New tool FeedCycle for serialized stories RSS feeds

Around the Web

World’s Worst Superhero Names

News that’s not news—One in five parents think kids online too much

Spam is out of control—here’s why.