Weekly Roundup August 4, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


By hiring former ‘Time’ President Eileen Naughton, Google looks to strengthen ties with Madison Avenue.

Google breaks 60% for U.S. search.

The University of? California, collectively the largest academic research library in the world,? in talks to join Google’s Library Project.

From Google’s VideoBlog, You now can embed videos with a specific start point.

The Mapping Revolution.? How Google Earth is Changing Science.

Both Google and Microsoft want to dominate the Web platform, only Ray Ozzie admits it.

Blogs, Vlogs, Pods and RSS

Windows Live Spaces Launches, Replaces MSN Spaces with two new features, a friends module and single click add-on gadgets.

YouTube overcomes MySpace.

Bloglines wants to block private feeds from search with new standard.

What Scobel learned at BlogHer.

MediaPost reports that the market for online video to increase 10-fold by 2010.


Time Warner’s AOL will give away e-mail, software and other free services to boost online advertising sales and to look more like Yahoo.

Ted’s Take on the AOL pivot, the New AOL.?

AOL users to get 5GB free storage, that’s 4 more than Apple’s .Mac.

AOL retools video site to offer user-made content.

Around the Web

Whatever you say about Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, he dreams big.? He wants every single person in the world to have free access to the sum total of human knowledge.? David Weinberger reports on the Wikipedian convention now going on at Harvard Law.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert causes chaos on Wikipedia and is banned from site.

Already, a German hacker has cloned the new electronic passports the U.S. State Department plans to issue using using RFID chips.

Jason Calacanis hires top Digg, Newsvine and Reddit users to become paid bookmarkers whom he calls ‘navigators’ to find new and good content for Netscape.

U.S. Postal Service now finds the Internet a rising source of business keeping them in the black delivering packages.

Another Flaming Dell Laptop.

More than 70% of 2007 US model cars will offer iPod integration after the deal Apple’s made with Ford, GM, and Mazda.

The majority of U.S. banks unprepared to meet Dec 31 deadline for complying with new guidelines to validate users’ identities.

Boston plans to blanket the city with WiFi.

Social networking for the 50+ crowd EONS is the brainchild of Jeff Taylor, founder of Monster.com.

EONS has its own search engine cRANKy that filters results by age relevance.

This is fun!? Make your own Jackson Pollock.? Every time you click your mouse, the color changes.