Weekly Roundup, August 25, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


How Google can make – or break – your company.

If Google is the new Microsoft, you don’t have to fear them.

Marketing and Search

From Tom Peters, the spending power of women-owned businesses is $103 billion

Why Google charges more per click than MSN? They have more influential users. One influencer is worth THOUSANDS of times more than a non-influencer,

Gather round the fire and listen in as Chris Andreson, author of the Long Tail, chats with Yahoo execs.

SEO Advice: Write useful articles that readers will love.

Blogs, Pods and Vlogs

A job board for bloggers and the companies who want one.

Some small sites are making big money. VCs are seeing the opportunity in the blogosphere.

Ad Age wants a marketing reality check.

10 things companies should be monitoring online.

Two Moms with their Mommycast podcast have hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards.

Best Blogs for the Young and Broke.

Geriatic1927 is one of the most subscribed videos at YouTube

Sony acquires Grouper for its user made and uploaded videos. Sony paid $65 million.

YouTube could be a steal at $1 billion.

Around the Web

Dave Winer is at it again with a River of News for mobiles. Riparian Rights clarifies what’s coming down and going by.

Virtual Firsts from Second Life NOAA, the first federal agency to have a presence as the Feds Invade Second Life while the UK Government goes on YouTube with PR.

AOL Video launches digital movie downloads.

It’s a Flickr Moment. Seeing through the eyes of the world.

From Wired, IPod Gray Market Booms in India.

New headache for HR. Unlock work internet or risk losing staff says Microsoft.

Microsoft and Facebook team up for advertising syndication,

Firefox welcomes Microsoft’s offer of help.

Revisiting a classic. How Microsoft would package the iPod.