Weekly Roundup, August 11, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


I love Froogle but it’s been dumped off the home page for video.

Despite AOL’s gaffe, Google will continue to store search requests.

Deconstructing the $900 million News Corp, Google Deal.

Fox: $1 billion Search Deal with Google.

Viacom, Google aim ad-backed videos at Web sites.

What Google won’t do. We won’t sell music.

Google Sitemaps becomes Google Webmaster Central.


Make your own search engine using Yahoo Search Builder.

AOL Search Data Shows Users Planning to Commit Murder

AOL apologizes for release of search log data.? “It was a screw-up.”? No personally identifiable data among the 658,000 search logs revealed.

AOL releases Google’s most prized Keyword List.

Set up perpetual search feeds in two steps.

Microsoft and Apple

Microsoft’s MP-3 player, ZUNE, will be unveiled soon at $299

Microsoft partisan reviews Apple’s new OS X Leopard. Who’s the CopyCat Now?

The Department of Homeland Security is recommending that you download Microsoft’s security patch MS06-040 asap.

Steve Job’s keynote at WWDC liveblogged at engadget.

The NYTimes, Weighing a Switch to a Mac

Blogs, Vlogs and Pods

State of the Blogosphere.? Silfrey says 50 million blogs.? Kevin Burton is skeptical and says there’s really only 1.6 million when you don’t count the dead ones.

Alltel to offer podcasts on cellphones.

Feedburner Testing Blog Networks.

If you still don’t understand the long tail, Chris Anderson has a blog and a 2 minute video he wants to show you

Washington Post Plays with Video Mashups.

Around the Web

Traffic to Del.icio.us has more than doubled since Yahoo bought it in December.

Sony’s WiFi device mylo (my life online) set to debut in September will use Google Talk.? Also in the package, Skype.? It’s all about social net-working in the wireless world.

It’s a radical media shift and the young are driving it by spurning television, radio and newspapers for online services.

So why,? the LA Times asks,? are the 12-24 set so Underwhelmed by it All?

Gartner names the hot technologies with the greatest potential impact on business over the next 10 years: social-network analysis, collective intelligence, location-aware applications, event-driven architecture, and RFID.

Britain’s digital tribes revealed.? Households classified into 23 “e-types” based on their access to technology.

The Myth of the Living Room PC.

Women directing the purchase of flat-screen TVs.? Picture Tubes are Fading into the Past.