Weekly Roundup, April 7, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Around the Web

Now that Apple is 30, its new Intel powered computers let you run Windows using Boot Camp. PC magazine said “It works, impressively well.”

Says the Wall St. Journal it’s Mac’s Moment and Apple’s best chance in years to make a dent in the business market.

Can you patent NOT charging for late rentals? Netflix did and it’s filed suit against Blockbuster for patent violation.

Which do you prefer? User-generated content or authentic media.

Conde Nast is finally putting its magazines on the web.

Bill Gates on “How I Work.” Remembering Microsoft in 1978, would you have invested in this scruffy group?

The Smithsonian has sold exclusive first-refusal rights to Showtime. Let’s hope the Broadcast treaty doesn’t pass or Showtime will have a 50 year copyright.

Web 2.0

Growth is skyrocketing for blogs, local information and social networking.

Is Web 2.0 about Business as Morality? Yes, Doc Searls says, the Morality of Generosity.

The State of Web 2.0.


In Japan, Honda is going to add Google Earth to its in-car navigation system. No news on when it’s coming to the U.S.

San Francisco picks Google and Earthlink to blanket the city with free WiFi.

Google Real Estate in secret beta threatening Cendant, Move.com, Housevalues, and Zip Realty.

Now you can get a little box for your site that shows Google Related Links.

Awash with cash, will Google buy Facebook, now on the auction block for $2 billion? Sounds price for a company that started only two years ago, but they’ve turned down $750 million.


Is Yahoo using spyware to perpetrate Click Fraud? Ben Edelman has the evidence.

And that’s not the only bad news. Yahoo Unit had role in jailing of Chinese dissident. Family considers suit.

Blogs and Podcasts

Charlene Li reports Forrester says just 1% use podcasts. The only podcast she listens to is NPR’s On the Media which is a problem for NPR since no one wants to listen to incessant fundraising on the radio. Why should they when they can download programs for free. Podcasting RRoils NPR Fundraising.

Stephen Baker says the podcasts he’s subscribing to are piling up like zucchini in August.

Online video sites breeding like rabbits. YouTube just raised $8 million from Sequoia Capital. Soon, you’ll start seeing contextual ads.

Today, you can go to Videosift for the best of Google Video and YouTube.

The New York Times new redesign influenced by blogs.

Time Inc puts blogs at center of strategy.

TV goes to blogs: Shows add extra information as treat for fans.