Weekly Roundup April 28, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

I’m out in New Mexico so I missed this week’s search engine conference in Boston so I’m glad I can catch most of the presentations in pdf.


From the Washington Post, How to Juice up your site’s Google ranking.

From the New York Times Everyone’s an Editor as Wiki Fever Spreads to Shopping Sites.

Businessweek’s Blogspotting Blog asks Is Advertising Killing Search. and Could Vertical Search Supplant SEO?


One of the best surveys of the new media is by the Economist, Among the Audience

“Personal and participatory media…will profoundly change the media industry and society as a whole.”

AOL launches a new network of financial blogs. By the end of the year bloggingstocks.com should have 20 bloggers.

Robert Scobel finds out that Southwest Airlines now has a blog.

There are multiple blogospheres reports ClickZ.

BBC unveils a radical revamp of its website to feature user-generated blogs and home videos.


Google has just launched beta versions of Google Earth for France, Germany and Italy.

Google SketchUp, a free version of its 3D modeling software for making your piece of virtual earth accessible on GoogleEarth.

The Great Google Float on AdSense.


Microsoft will soon buy Massive Incorporated and its technology to insert ads into video games.

Chief of Ask Jeeves will lead Microsoft’s Internet Unit

Microsoft’s also scooped up an asset-tracking firm as part of its continued expansion of management software.


Yahoo now offering Meedio DVR software as a free download. Windows only. It’s Yahoo Go (TV).

For history buffs, a Yahoo Visual Timeline


Scott McNealy steps down as Sun CEO but continues as chairman.

Losing space on your hard drive with all the photos, videos and MP3s? Seagate’s new giant hard drive has 750 GB.

You can’t fire a worker for Web surfing one Judge rules.