Weekly Roundup April 21, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Around the Web

From Wired The ten wackiest e-commerce sites

Businessweek’s My Virtual Life. Living imaginary lives in cyberspace with real property rights has VCs and advertisers taking serious notice.

Amazon.com secretly adds restaurant listings and menus but Peter Kim found out.

Is the Internet out of room? From Wired News.


Google is going to start charing for access to its Adwords API. Steve Rubel says Google’s API Greed is Bad for Innovation.

The New York Times Magazine on Google’s China Problem (and China’s Google Problem)

Google OneBox for all your corporate information

Blogs, Podcasts and RSS

The state of the blogosphere over 60 times bigger than 3 years ago.

Bloggers a potential PR menace. Companies that ignore the opinions of bloggers and internet commentators could create massive public relations disasters, a Jupiter Research report warns.

The Blog Global Voices announces an alliance with Reuters.

TV Guide has over 65 blogs at its site.

RSS and Podcasting turns Castrol Motor Oil into a Media Co.

Boston Globe: Blogs ‘essential’ to a good career.


Apple Offers Free Computer Take-Back Program. Just in time for Earth Day. It’s already named as one of the top ten environmentally progressive companies.

Apple’s second quarter results show revenue up 34%, earnings increase 41%. – a 4% growth in Macs and 61% growth in iPods.


Click fraud rate lower than expected says report.

YouTube joining forces with American Idol and partners with E!


My Decade of Writing About Search Engines Danny Sullivan

VC Investing in search hits record