Weekly Roundup April 14, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Fox in a new deal with its affiliates will share revenue from “repurposed content” for “non-linear platforms” like iPods and on-demand. Reruns of its shows will be on the Internet.

ABC is going to offer some of its prime time shows free on the Internet. Supported by advertising, natch.

Jarvis says TV has finally exploded.

Internet Sensation YouTube, a startup straight out of Silicon Valley Central Casting.

From DV Guru Ten video sharing services compared.


Google CEO Eric Schmidt interviewed Soon on Google Video

This space is so large that there is room for all of the players that you find and new start-ups. This broad space of information access, advertising, services, video, new distribution markets and so forth is the defining business market of technology for many, many years.

Voice Search. Google has a new patent to develop a voice-activated search engine.

Google calendar is live. You have to

sign up here, but you can import Outlook, iCal and Yahoo Calendar. Michael Arrington says it’s fast, slick and stable.

Google Local will be lead by a Classified Ventures exec, Sam Sabastian.


TiVo wins its patent suit against Echostar. Only 12% of homes have digital video recorders, but look for 18% by the end of the year with TiVo leading the pack.

Microsoft Gets Social and plans to take its MSN Search forward by incorporating preferences of like-minded Net surfers.

Zillow homes in 3D Using Microsoft’s Virtual Earth platform, you can get a bird’s eye view, not just a satellite view.

Yahoo makes travel searching easier with its Fair Chase.

Proect Panama. Yahoo tests new search engine ad model.

Blogs and RSS

At last, the first local coupons via RSS from Zixxo. This is going to be big. Sign up here. for your own coupons. Local merchants can register too for free, at least for now.

Business Bites the Blogging Bullet from the BBC.

Guy Kawaski on his first 100 days as a blogger.

YPN launches its own Yahoo Publisher Network Blog

And more

The IRS is after PayPal to find people evading taxes by hiding income from other countries.

Don’t look for BlackBerry in China, it’s RedBerry, a cheaper Chinese rival.

Laptop thieves descend on wireless cafes in San Francisco. It’s grab and run with a knife.

Fischer Price introduces the iTod, MP3 players for toddlers.

How to Wow ‘Em Like Steve Jobs. Make your own electrifying presentations.