Weekly report, Stardate 0818.06

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Star Trek

Along with Shatner and Nimoy, both 75, Thousands in Las Vegas to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Trek.

People are flipping out at the Star Trek catalog for the upcoming auction of Paramount Studios Star Trek memorabilia.? ? Lottery admission only to the sale.

If you’re in Vegas over the weekend for the Star Trek convention, stop by the Google booth

Google founders fight over who gets “rad Star Trek booth” in their bedroom on the company’s private jet.


It’s too late now.? Google has sent letters to media organizations warning them against using Google as a verb.

It’s free citywide WiFi in Mountain View

The 2006 Google International Code Jam has begun.? Registration closes Sept 5.? The top 100 coders will be flown to NYC for the finals.

Google Talk celebrates its first birthday with an upgrade – you can leave voicemail.

In case you were wondering what its deals with Viacom and News Corp, Google sees content deals as key to long-term growth.

Starting this week, Google will let any business distribute online coupons to people who use Google Maps.

From the Economist, The alliance against Google or what today’s internet firms can learn from 19th century history.

Blogs, Pods and Vlogs

How to prevent link rot for traditional web sites.

The top ten video sharing websites

The five different blogging strategies of the Fortune 500

The Washington Post Launches Blogroll Ad Network that Steve Rubel says is a win-win all around

Blogger.com unveils its new upgrade, now in beta.

Around the Web

Time magazine choses the 50 ‘coolest websites’.

It’s coming, maybe in time for Christmas, 1 terabyte drives – that’s 1000 gigabytes.

Get your own cool Web 2.0 logo free here

Beginning this fall, CBS will air its primetime shows online for free.

Apple lays legal claim to the word ‘Pod’.

Windows 5x more expensive than Mac OS X

Exploding laptops forces Dell to recall 4.1 million notebook computer batteries.

While Windows users wait still longer for Vista, Mac Users can take their first look at Leopard

Search engines are the new reverse dictionaries, much like the TV show Jeopardy says David Berkowitz in AOL’s Database of Good Intentions

Comcast aims to be another Yahoo.