Weekly Report, May 19, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Google has a new web-based uploader for those videos you can’t wait to share with the world.

Now they are marketing with Universal Studios its upcoming release of The BreakUp and urging you to share your break-up videos.

Universal is also working with Budweiser to promote National Break Up Day. Don’t miss the top rated break-up stories.

Let’s give Google credit for making AJAX development easier with its Google Web Toolkit and making it easier for people to mashup.

Google Notebook lets you clip and collect information as you browse the web and share it by making it public.

Google’s Goal: A Worldwide Web of Books. With its new technology for bulk scanning of books, they are going to beat out any collaborative effort.

The Big Interview with Max Cutts of Google. Best quote, “It’s interesting how much of SEO can comes back to good, old-fashioned marketing.”


CEO of SAP corners blogger. First Encounters of the Blogger Kind.

From USA Today. Blogs now have a world of influence.


The average American family spends $2000/year on telecommunications, even with cheap long distance.

Seth Godin tells how to tell a great story.

Apple Computer will open tonight the most beautiful store I’ve ever seen, on Fifth Avenue in New York City that will be open 24/7 365 days a year. Photos here.

Long tail evidence from Safari and Google Book Search from O’Reilly.

Under attack, Spam Fighter Folds


Playing catch-up, Yahoo! unveils its video-sharing site and redesigns its Yahoo! Finance. Niall Kennedy has the details.

Yahoo says Our ads are better. Marketers can target not just by search terms, but also by demographics, location and what else they do on the Yahoo network.

From the Yahoo Search Blog, Yahoo!’s New Homepage and the Future of Information

Yahoo Answers 10 million questions in 5 months

Best story of the week. Guy Goma, a taxi driver in London, was hustled into the BBC studios and interviewed on air and live by reporters who mistook him for a technology expert. Goma did his best in answering questions about the lawsuit between the Beatles and Apple Computer over the use of an apple symbol but he was clearly baffled. The video is priceless and Goma is now a star. Go here for a transcript and link to video