SEO Monday – Using PPC Data To Improve Organic Performance

By Tim


The Theory

Today I’ll be talking about how you can use your Pay Per Click data to improve the performance of your organic keyword strategies.

The theory behind using PPC data to help refine and improve your organic performance is that PPC is a marketing vehicle that allows you to do a lot of testing – with the ultimate goal of improving sales performance.

If you’re managing your PPC correctly, you should constantly be testing different components of your campaigns in order to find the keywords, messaging and merchandising strategies that perform at the highest levels.

Because testing such variables through your organic effort is FAR more difficult, we suggest leveraging the easily accessible testing data available in your Pay Per Click account toward the improvement of your organic efforts.

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So what are some examples?

Let’s start with how you can use this data to improve the success of your existing organic positioning.

Let’s say you already rank very well for a target keyword. You’re listed in the number 2 spot in Google. I’m not suggesting using PPC data as a means to move you from number 2 to number 1….that’s an SEO issue. I’m suggesting you consider using PPC data to get you more clicks while still in the number 2 spot.

How? Let’s say you’ve run PPC ad copy tests looking to find what messaging got better click through rates, and better conversion rates. If there was a clear winner with those tests, why not incorporate that same tested…proven messaging into the meta description of your organic listing? It’s worth the effort to see if you can get more clicks at the 2 sport simply by adding new messaging that may connect with potential customers better.

Now, don’t go changing everything completely around in the meta description, you still have to keep SEO in mind as you don’t want to lose that spot (you know, so keep the keywords in there). But if you have an existing branding or value proposition in there that isn’t in line with what performed best during testing – consider switching it out and see what performs better.

Another Example

Another example of how you can leverage PPC data within your organic strategy has to do with planning out your future SEO efforts.

In the past example, we talked about a keyword that was already well positioned. Let’s say you have another keyword that you target with PPC and it performs very well for you, but it doesn’t show up well at all in the organic results.

When you’re strategizing where to direct your efforts on the SEO side, normally it’s great to look at your analytics to see how certain keywords are converting organically – and build around that demonstrated strength. But if you’re not showing up well organically, you may get a tiny amount of organic traffic through which to base your decision on…data that’s not statistically valid.

This is where PPC can again be utilized. If you see that you’re converting extremely well on a particular keyword with PPC, this may represent a great opportunity on the organic side. So, when you’re looking for opportunities to grow your revenue on the organic side, it’s always wise to invest and increase visibility in areas that have shown good performance in the past.

That’s it for SEO Monday, I hope you enjoyed the video. If you’re looking for ways to improve your SEO performance, give Exclusive Concepts a call at 1-800-504-4324….we offer free SEO audits to qualified businesses.

Thanks again and enjoy your day.