Using Brand Logos to Increase Conversions – Conversion Wednesday


How can Brand Logos Help You Increase Conversions?

Brand Name Products

For those of you who sell name brand products on your site, this post is for you. Today I’ll be covering the competitive shopper and a quick and easy conversion optimization tip (proven effective through testing!) that you can implement in order to increase your revenue per visit and conversion rate.

Competitive Shoppers

When I say, “competitive shopper”, I’m not referencing the Black Friday pepper spray wielding, cart hoarding, crazy chaos driven shoppers. I’m talking about people who value a brand, remain loyal to that brand and are willing to spend on authentic products. To learn more about personas, you can read more here:

How to Increase Conversions

Back to the important point – how to capitalize on competitive shoppers. Recently my team ran a test on 5 different top brand product pages on a website which consisted of simply adding the brand logo underneath the product photo on the product page. This addition resulted in increased revenue per visit and lift in conversion rate. The visualization of the brands shoppers have come to know, trust, and want to boast, builds confidence to purchase. The shopper knows they are getting an authentic product.

This is probably one of the more simple details that can often be overlooked and can really make a difference in shopping behavior.