Understanding Clickmaps – Conversion Wednesday

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


My name is Chris, and today I’ll be covering what clickmaps are and how they can help you identify optimization opportunities on your webpages.

So, what are clickmaps?

A clickmap is visual representation tool. It simply displays where users click most frequently on your webpages. In most clickmaps, red represents more clicks and blue represents less. For this reason, clickmaps are sometimes referred to as heatmaps.

In the thumbnail on the left, you see a clickmap for a Google, search result page. This shows you that the focus for activity on the page is the search results (as opposed to the Google links in the header). You can also see that the search results at the top of the page are clicked on more than the ones at the bottom. This is a great visual representation of why it is so important to perform well with Search Engine Optimization.

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Clickmaps help you quickly identify the most popular areas and links on your webpages. While they’re no substitute for accurate web analytics, they are a good way of identifying a starting point for diving into your analytics reports. They can tell you which link is the most popular in your site navigation or whether users click more on images than text links.

For these reasons, they are very helpful at gaining an understanding of home, landing, and product pages. A clickmap of your homepage can show you where there are any dead zones. If there are areas that have few to no clicks, you now have identified a great place to optimize content, or, you could start testing alternative promotions or products in that part of the page.

Or, on a landing page, a clickmap could identify links that take users away from the page and distract the user from clicking on the desired call to action. This same idea can also be applied to product pages. Any links that are more popular than your desired action on these pages could be taking money from your business. Clickmaps help you identify these links and test which ones are relevant, or: which links you can remove to limit confusion in your user.

In conclusion, clickmaps are a helpful visual tool. Not only do they point out the most popular parts of your pages, but they can help you identify areas that aren’t being used. Clickmaps can also help save you money by pointing out links users might be using to leave your action pages.

All of this information is helpful for optimizing your customers user experience.

In the end, clickmaps are one of many tools used to help optimize your websites. Exclusive Concepts offers a full service testing option for our clients called Conversion Booster to help optimize your sites. With Conversion Booster, we will do the work for you in analyzing your site’s data, coming up with solutions that reflect that data, and testing those solutions with an AB or Multivariate test to maximize your increase in conversion rates.

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Thank you and have a wonderful Conversion Wednesday!