Two Tips to Remove Distractions – Conversion Wednesday



Today, we will go over two tips to remove distractions from your website.The goal is to keep your customers focused. If they are shopping on your website, the last thing you want to do is distract them or get in their way.

Each page on your site serves a purpose. For example, the primary goal on a product page is to get a customer to click the Add to Cart button. Make sure that action stands out clearly on the page so there is no confusion or frustration in your customer’s shopping experience.

So, with these things in mind, here are two items that can help you reduce distractions in your users and keep them focused on their shopping experience.

The first is: avoid miscues. Miscues are elements that mislead your customers. A great example would be the yellow Yahoo! Secure icon.

This icon can look like a button. Particularly if the site has no color in it’s design. If this item is placed above the fold on a product page and in the lower right hand corner, it can give the first impression as the add to cart button. Particularly if the actual add to cart button blends in with the site design.

A better place for it would be in the footer or in a left hand navigation (if available).

The second tip is to eliminate site errors.

A great example here is in the checkout process. We’ve all seen errors before, such as “You did not enter a valid email address.”

If your analytics is telling you that there are reoccurring errors on your shipping or billing page, then reducing the number of times they are shown will reduce cart abandonment and increase your customer’s experience. This could lead to future sales.

It’s up to you to find out why these errors are being shown. Is it because they are trying to continue in the process without filling in required information? When an error does occur, do you offer a helpful solution or leave it up to them to figure it out themselves?

Reducing errors helps keep your customer focused on their shopping and gives a positive customer experience.

Remember, your customers are focused on a goal when they visit your website. Removing distractions from that goal will help you improve conversion and give a positive customer experience.

Removing miscues and errors from your site will help keep your customers focused and happy.