Twitter is Five Already? – Wildcard Friday

By Exclusive Concepts


Monday March 21st, marked five years since the first Tweet was sent by Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey. It seems like only yesterday that I started battling with the whale being carried by birds because twitter was over capacity. Twitter is 5 and still growing at a rapid pace.
Since that first tweet over 30 billion 140 character or less tweets have been sent and the company is now worth $8 to $10 million dollars.

Twitter is a really great place to hear about world events like the Olympics or more recently the disaster in Japan, and less serious things like celebrity drama (is anyone else sick of Lindsay Lohan?) , but the questions I will answer today is, is it a good place to market your business?

The answer is yes, it can be. And In honor of Twitter turning 5, here are some tips about marketing on Twitter

Less is more – one of the best things about Twitter is that everything has to be 140 characters or less. You can give perspective clients and customers information that is to the point and informative. It is easy for them to read because it won’t take much time, and if your write your message correctly it will catch their attention and pique their interest.

Build a relationship– Twitter is great because people can tweet about the brands they love, and then people can re-tweet right back. You can gain powerful momentum for your brand if you keep track of who is tweeting about you and then replying to them. Be personal, don’t send the same tweet over and over with the same message.

Its quick and easy – People who are active on Twitter, are usually on twitter more than twice a day. In some ways it is like a blog that people love to frequent. This makes it an easy outlet to let people know the latest updates about what you are doing by simply tweeting.

Everyone’s Starting to do it – Twitter is more social than it is a marketing program. Twitter encourages your followers to see you as a person they can get to know. This can be very important is establishing loyalty.

It’s a Two Way Relationship – You can say what you want about your company, but you can also see what others are saying about your products. Listen to your followers, ask questions and help them out, you can get great feedback! On the other hand, it is also a good way to keep an eye on your industry. I can be pretty positive in saying that at least of few of your competitors are on twitter, keep an eye on what they are saying to stay informed.

Track your results – TweetStats is just one tool you can use to track your Tweeting success. There are a growing number of tools that allow you to track activity. You can use Google Analytics to track clicks from Twitter to your website. You can also use TweetBurner to shorten URLS and track all click throughs – even to websites that are not your own.

I’ll say it again, Twitter is a social tool, good for building your brand and your relationship with customers. I wouldn’t use it as a selling platform to pressure your followers to buy. Your followers want to see updates about your business, but they can also choose to stop receiving these updates. Don’t apply pressure, just build a relationship and use Twitter as a clever form of advertising. Don’t forget to integrate it with the rest of your social media endeavors!

Happy Tweeting!