Twitter and Google Reach Deal to Make Twitter Updates More Searchable

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A deal struck between Twitter and Google will allow Twitter’s 140-word status updates to be more searchable on Google. Google previously had to crawl Twitter to gather information, but will now automate the process so that Tweets may become visible in search results in real-time. This means that Google users will have faster, more prominent access to results written by the company’s more than 284 million users. Twitter already provides that data to Bing and Yahoo! Inc.

Insiders say that the new relationship between Twitter and Google would be mutually beneficial, with the deal allowing Twitter to distribute tweets to a wider audience ­— primarily to non-users — while attempting to convert and monetize users who are logged out. Twitter also aims to increase the frequency that its users check the site. For Google, the deal could significantly broaden the search engine’s base of relevant content. Experts say that Google users will begin to see real-time Twitter results on the search engine sometime in the first half of 2015. For more on this story, read Bloomberg’s coverage of it.