Three New Daily Deal Bar Features Added

By Herb

The Daily Deal Bar was the first of our Conversions On Demand services, and has gone through significant upgrade since its introduction.

Simply put, the Daily Deal Bar (DDB) is a terrific promotional mechanism that is easy to install and use. It can operate on any and all pages of the store, except the cart, and includes the major features and benefits below.

Feature Benefit
Promotion of a specific product or category with a link directly to it. Market product or category specials that can be changed frequently and don’t require publishing the store.
Promote a coupon code (e.g. “10% off today use code 10less”) Market your discounts or Free Shipping promotions easily without publishing the store.
Automatically distribute Yahoo! single-use coupons Eliminate coupon site distribution of valuable coupons
Create a dropdown that displays a large image plus whatever promotional text is desired. Much more effective promotions using graphics and text
Schedule promotional deals by the hour or day weeks or months in advance. The DDB will automatically publish these scheduled promotional messages without the store owner having to be involved once they are set up. Allows the user to use frequent and varying offers without having to do this manually.
Add Google/Yahoo! tracking links Allows the store owner to track sales resulting from promotions that link to products or categories.
Publish DDB promotions to Twitter All Twitter followers to learn of a deal as soon as it’s available.
Add Links to a store owners other social media sites (e.g. Facebook). Provides an easy way to make a store owner’s social sites to be easily located by shoppers.

Today we have launched 3 new features:


New feature Benefit
Bulk Deal Scheduling A complement to the existing deal scheduling feature –
The store owner can now upload a spreadsheet of future scheduled deals. This eliminates entering future deals one-by-one
Position the Daily deal Bar at the bottom of the screen Currently the Daily Deal Bar is positioned at the top of the page. If a shopper scrolls down they no longer see the DDB. The store owner can now choose to position the DDB at the bottom of the screen, where it remains visible regardless of scrolling.
URL shortening for Twitter Twitter has a 140 character limit.
Previously if the DDB message + the tracking link were longer than that, Twitter
would truncate the message. Now, we will use URL shortening from to
create a 20 character URL. One side benefit is that the store owner will be able
to see how many Twitter readers clicked the URL by simply adding a “+” to the
URL in the browser address bar.

In addition, we have consolidate all the Daily Deal Bar display controls
in a single "Display Control" section. We have also added a new Bulk
Scheduling section.