The SEO Pyramid Part II – SEO Monday

By Joe


For those of you that enjoyed our first post on the using the SEO pyramid to choose keywords for your website. We have decided to bring the pyramid back for a further lesson on SEO. However, today we will be covering how to improve spiderability and indexation in the search engines using the SEO Pyramid.

Now, first it is important to note that in order for a web page to be indexed in Google’s, high quality index, the “primary index”, it typically needs to have certain on page factors in line such as unique content. Obviously, at the same time it cannot contain noindex tags or be blocked by a robots.txt file. For today’s example, we will assume that this website has no noindex tags, it is properly optimized and is brimming with unique content. These are all things that the search engine spiders are hungry for. And that’s what we’re serving them.

Typically, websites have the majority of their inbound links to their homepage. Therefore, a search engine spider will typically start at your home page with great momentum; encouraged by the authority of your homepage. As it works its way from the tip of the pyramid down however, it loses its impetus and will eventually time out or stop before it reaches all your pages. But, with proper use of inbound links to your site, you can improve the indexation of your website and ultimately have a bigger net to cast in the search engines.

Enter: inbound links. The use of inbound links to your site is an excellent way for a search engine spider or crawler to reach pages in your site that are otherwise difficult to reach from the starting point of the homepage.

Therefore, by acquiring inbound links ( from press releases or blog posts) that start towards the base of your pyramid (or the key low level product pages) and at certain important categories, you can create a stronger SEO Pyramid.

So if you’ve ever wondered, the answer is “yes”: creating links to your site that improve spiderability and indexation is essential to casting the biggest net possible to increase visibility in search engines. This will allow you to gather the most search traffic possible and grow your revenues.

And that’s all for today. I hope that this video has helped anyone experiencing website indexation issues. And once again feel free to contact Exclusive concepts the leading source for growing online stores seeking to convert online shoppers into buyers for a free SEO Audit – we’ll even give you a better understanding of how your site is currently balanced in terms of inbound links and whether you have the strongest SEO pyramid possible. Thanks and take care.