Covering Your Bases: The Relationship Between PPC & SEO – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


While talking to many clients through the years I inevitably have a conversation on whether or not they should be focusing their online marketing efforts more on SEO or PPC. The answer is simple, you should be doing both. They both play important roles in your store’s online presence and when used together provide invaluable insight into fueling one another’s successes. While PPC provides you an instant and direct line of communication to users you must keep in mind that with PPC, you pay for every click that a position allows you to get; with SEO, you invest to achieve the position, but can get innumerable clicks from that position without an incremental cost per click.

So at this point you may be asking the question, Kevin if I have a high organic position for my site’s page why even bother having a PPC ad? That’s a great question and one that has an answer. Aside from the authoritative stance that your site maintains while being present twice on the page, you have to keep in mind that it’s not all about you. In the end it’s about the user and their behavior. Studies have shown that people’s search habits have shifted over the years. While people still look to organic results as their gateway to your site, a vast majority utilize PPC ads to find exactly what they are looking for. The belief is that if your business is “buying” space for the product they are searching for that you will take them to the exact page on your site. The other advantage of PPC is that the language of the ad itself highlights your site’s value adds as well as benefit’s of the user shopping with your site and not your competitors.

In the example above, this website “” successfully employs a jointed effort for their PPC and SEO strategies. While SEO captures traffic that is not yet ready to buy in many cases. The PPC ad focuses its cost-per-click approach to the clicks that are most ready to convert into a purchase. They are also including that their site offers exclusive designs as well as Free shipping for orders over $75. This scenario amplifies its return in scenarios where the sales cycles is longer and requires several visits.

Another strong case for a PPC presence where you have an organic presence is to simply observe your competitors. Again using this example you can see the high competition in this market. By having a presence both organically and paid you are maximizing your market share and doubling the opportunity of the user choosing your site for their needs. If you do not utilize both marketing strategies you have the chance of being lost in a sea of your competitors.

In conclusion, one approach isn’t the end all be all of your site’s online marketing strategy. Rather, it is a balanced strategy of PPC and SEO that truly sets your business up for success. By utilizing each service to position your site for maximum exposure you are in turn maximizing your site’s ability to convert traffic into revenue.

At Exclusive Concepts we strive to reach the perfect balance of SEO and PPC strategies for our clients. The benefits of have a marketing firm manage both services for your site is the constant flow of communication and the combined resources of both teams. Our goal is to do what this whole blog has highlighted, utilize each service to ensure our client’s the maximum return for their investment. It is an ongoing approach that is constantly being refined as we stay ahead of the curve with our unique methodologies for both PPC and SEO.