The New Google Layout aka Google Jazz – Wildcard Friday

By Joe


Those of you out there that predominantly use google for search currently account for 64.4% of the market. Although this is .7% down from March of 2010, Google hopes that their new layout will help to recapture their search share as people become more internet savy and are looking to evolve from the simplistic design that made google so successful in its early stages into a new more engaging design that allows users more flexibility in their searches. This new interface has been coined google jazz by those in the industry and I am not here to debate whether or not the new interface is a good step for google, as only time and the masses will tell. However, I think it is important to touch upon these changes and the possible ramifications for website owners of this new and improved Google SERP

The most obvious change is the incorporation of a 3 column interface with Search options in the top left corner. In a very Bing and Ask- like fashion google has opted to add filters for searchers looking for shopping results, news results, blogs, the recency of the query and more. Please note, that this is not a new concept for google as we have been able to use this section for some time. However, it has only recently been made a default setting.
Next, you may notice that the google logo has been slightly tweaked to give it a fresher and more modern feel. This is also something not out of character for google as they have constantly evolved the logo gradually over the years.

Overall, the changes made to google may not be a bad thing. It is human nature for people to fear change and this drastic tweak may come as a surprise since Google made a name for themselves by creating an interface that was free of the clutter.

However, the average searcher has become much more savy and I believe it is time for a change. Time will tell whether people will even use the filter panes on the left, but I truly believe that these could be good for SEO and ecommerce websites. These filters may allow for deeper searching of the internet which ultimately could mean more traffic to your site and less irrelevant junk in a search result.