The Importance of Google Shopping Infographic

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There is a great deal of chatter about Google Shopping going on right now. We’ve talked pretty extensively about Google Shopping, shared tips, ways to increase your revenue and answered your top questions. So, to wrap it all up we’ve created this simple infographic that lays out search, illustrates how Google Shopping works, the impact of visual marketing, and included a couple of case studies from our own customers.

We’ve just recently launched our Profitable Google Shopping service and have been seeing great results from our first customers. The main takeaway is that Google Shopping increases revenue and reduces overhead at the same time. 102% increase in revenue is great, but a 22% reduction in cost per conversion is awesome! With 80.6% of Internet users searching and 25% of all online purchases coming from search it’s important to make sure your products are found. And with Google Shopping ads getting twice the Click Through Rate of text ads, the best strategy is pretty clear.

Click on the infographic below to zoom in. Enjoy and feel free to share! If you’d like to learn more about our Profitable Google Shopping services, just click here.