The E-Commerce Rundown: Pre-Thanksgiving News


Looking for business-impacting news that’s certain to make a difference in your world? This is Exclusive Concepts’ E-Commerce Rundown, where we share the most relevant industry news, served alongside our unique insights.

Yahoo becomes FireFox’s new default search engine, but not in the EU.

Yahoo and Mozilla just announced a “strategic five-year partnership that makes Yahoo the default search experience for Firefox in the United States on mobile and desktop.” The companies said they will explore other potential “future product integrations and distribution opportunities to other markets.”

Yahoo is thus going to displace Google the current Firefox search provider. Firefox was at one time the main alternative to Microsoft’s IE browser but has been supplanted for many by Google’s Chrome, now the world’s top browser. In mobile Firefox has struggled to find an entry point. Read the full story here.”

And with pivotal e-commerce days inching closer, we hope that your budget was tailored to maximize your return on these key sales dates. If not, here are some ideas to make sure your SEO and PPC budgets are ready for next year!

For SEO:

Depending on your company, it might be once a year, some companies do it once a quarter, and I sincerely hope there aren’t any companies that force marketers to do it on a monthly basis. But at some point we all have to justify investment in our channel. This is simultaneously a point of dread as well as a moment of the greatest opportunity – the chance to expand your program effectiveness, either by taking on new areas of focus or simply refining those you already have. Considering how important this process is to a functioning SEO program, I’m surprised how little we tend to talk about it. Sure, a quick Google search will bring up some articles on the subject, but considering the importance of getting a program funding to run, probably not enough of them, and none will give you the magical formula needed to increase investment within your particular company. Read the full story here.”

And for PPC: 

In many cases, budgeting for PPC programs is undefined. Projections, goals, and other variables (such as seasonality) aren’t given enough thought before a strategy is put in place.

And make no mistake, appropriate budgeting is a key factor when determining your PPC strategy.

A common rationalization I hear is, “As long as we’re hitting goals, we can spend as much as we want.” In a vacuum, this statement seems reasonable – but in PPC, there are many variables to consider. This statement oversimplifies the process and is a detriment to account planning.

Accurate and well-thought-out budget planning is necessary for effective PPC management and ensures expectations are realistic. Read the full story here.”

Photo by NS Newsflash