The Cost of Technology

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

This past weekend I sat down to write and I noticed that I was staring at a black screen.  I just purchased a new dell laptop and it was already on the fritz.  Long story short my power cord fried the motherboard.  This minor set back has been devastating.  I no longer have the luxury of my portable portal to deliver me to ANYTHING I want. That right there is the cost of technology.

As a person who is familiar with the web 2.0 experience, the monetary value of laptop replacement is diminished by the fact that I am locked out of the internet?  What did people do before the World Wide Web?  What is the point to my rant? The internet has an unforeseen value that can be leveraged given the right tools.


I have posted before about getting involved in the online community and how easy it is becoming to do so.  The value of the internet goes beyond blog posts and social networking. I speak with prospects everyday who are reluctant to invest in the internet.  Just as my laptop was my gateway to the internet; internet marketing tools are the gateways to increased revenue for your business.  You already have a website, do something with it!  Your homepage is the face of your business.  You may not know it but 50% of your potential prospects are using the internet to find you.  Traditional search methods (trade shows, yellow pages and professional directories) are becoming less effective as culture assimilates into the online world.


Jump in and get involved.  Engage the community and you will find that we are very responsive and can provide the most comprehensive feedback around.  The internet itself is free.  Test products, tweak campaigns and innovate in real time.

Of course there is a leap of faith involved, but know that many of your competitors are hitting the ground running. Do you want to be the last one to jump on the internet bandwagon? 

Dell promptly sent my laptop back to me.  So I’m back, but I definitely wasn’t myself the last couple of days. By not being on the internet your business is wounded and at a competitive disadvantage.  So get in the game, pay your initiation and reap the rewards of a giving community.



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