The Buzz: Exclusive Concepts Free Audits – What Are They Anyway?

By Nik

It’s such a great question and something that any e-commerce business owner should be all over. Anybody who’s been pecking around the online marketing world over the past few years has seen tool after tool for automated website scoring that can give you indications of everything from SEO domain scores to page speed verdicts. Those are great and we love them as well – but that’s what our audits are not – not automated, that is.

Towards the end of last year, the team at Exclusive Concepts challenged itself to jump way outside that automated comfort zone and asked: if we could put our best people in 20-30 minute meetings with qualified online retail stores, what kind of exceptional manual work could we present that could blow the owners of those companies away and deliver some serious “a ha!” moments?

The first step seemed easy. We needed to start by identifying what should be audited for a particular website. Since then, audit requests have come straight through our easy-to-use audit forms on our Advanced SEO, Profitable PPC and Conversion Booster service pages. If you haven’t requested one in the past, please do so – they’re free!

Next, we started and have since iterated some impressive audits that span our services:

  1. SEO Audit: To prepare for an SEO audit, we require very little input from the party being audited. If you were being audited for example, we would look at your approach from Google’s perspective and compare your current activities against our seasoned school of thought called Advanced SEO. Again, this is an intensive manual process that is actually presented by a key specialist from our SEO team – the same experts you’ve come to trust through the SEO videos the SEO team produces and releases each SEO Monday. You can learn more and sign up for the SEO audit here.
  2. PPC Audit: Knowing whether or not an online retailer is employing the most sound, profitable approach to PPC takes a look under the hood. We require access to AdWords at minimum. Our Profitable PPC approach hinges on doing a few very smart things incredibly well and making systematic improvements to profitability and scalability from that. We compare your current efforts against that approach, which we believe is the most optimal form of PPC for online retail. Though we do require a minimum monthly ad spend, it never hurts to request the audit even if you’re unsure if your ad spend makes the mark. If you do make the mark, just getting the opportunity to speak with our expert PPC managers (the folks who bring you PPC Tuesdays) is well worth the time – you can learn more and sign up for the PPC audit here.
  3. Conversion Audit: For most people, you won’t believe it until it has been explained to you. The science behind improving the conversion rate of your site towards every visitor of your site is complex, but when broken down and analyzed, the opportunity and even next steps become shockingly apparent. Though the conversion audit requires a minimum amount of unique visitors entering your online store each month, it never hurts to ask us for an audit, just in case. We are constantly improving upon the industry’s technologies to ensure we can do more testing with less traffic by utilizing more intelligent parameters to determine winners of multivariate testing. We invite you to start your journey towards becoming an expert on this science by meeting with members of our conversion team to discuss your online retail site’s opportunity to improve its performance – and yes, this is the same team that brings you Conversion Wednesdays each week – learn more about and sign up to this unique conversion audit that is revolutionizing the way people look at their potential to grow, one intimate presentation at a time.