Testing Rich Snippets – SEO Monday

By Joe

Are your Rich Snippets up to par for Google’s Search Results?

In today’s SEO Monday post, I’d like to show how webmasters or site owners can test their site’s rich snippets, to make sure they’re appearing correctly in Google’s search results.

Rich Snippets Testing Tool

1. To get started, first find a sample page or multiple pages that you’d like to test. This could include product pages with reviews on an ecommerce site, recipes, or even blog posts depending on the type of site you have.

2. Once you have the URL(s) you’d like to test, go to the Rich Snippets Testing Tool (http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets) offered by Google Webmaster Tools.

3. Next, paste the URL you’d like to test into the preview field as shown in the screenshot and click ‘Preview’.

Rich Snippets Preview

4. If you’re rich snippets are implemented correctly, they should appear in the search preview as shown.

5. You can see in the example that the 3 reviews pulled in correctly, which will help this listing from Walgreens stand out more in search results with the 5 star rating. Yoast.com (http://yoast.com/rich-snippets-everywhere/) claims that rich snippets in SERPs can help increase a page’s CTR by as much as 20-30%!

Extracted Rich Snippet Data

6. Google also provides extracted data for your review towards the bottom of the testing page as shown.

And to emphasize your search you could simply make it span the width of your page, have prepopulated attention-grabbing text in it, or position it in a prime location on your webpages.

Bonus Material!

If you use Google Chrome and want a faster way of testing rich snippets, you can download a bookmarklet here: http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/rich-snippets-testing-tool-bookmarklet. This bookmarklet will allow you to simply click the icon on your bookmark bar whenever you’re on a page that you’d like to preview the rich snippets using Google’s tool!