Test Design Last – Conversion Wednesday

By Chris C.

Where do you start with conversion testing? Learn reasons to design last.

My name is Chris C., and today I’m going to cover a big testing tip: focus on design last.


Focus on design last.

When testing areas of your website, I’ve found that worrying about the design of what you are testing can eat up a lot of time. Also, sometimes, it is harder to show whether a newly designed element has a big impact on your visitors (particularly if it’s not a link).

My suggestion is to start with one of the following:

  1. Motivational elements
  2. Usability issues
  3. Location

Focused Efforts

This is the best way to focus your efforts, time, and money.

Start with motivation, usability, or location and then iron out how to display this with design. This allows you to make sure that your change is working before spending too much time fine-tuning design elements.

Often, the most frustrating part of a site redesign is the back and forth over how the site will look. (“This needs to go there and be blue…and this element needs to be over here in red…”) You can eat up a lot of time and resources discussing changes to your design that might not even make a difference. (Or worse! They might actually hurt your site!). It’s the same scenario when designing a test.

Why waste two weeks going back and forth on design when you don’t even know if this idea will have a positive impact on your revenue?


Find out if your idea works first, then improve the design of that element.

Find out if this is the right part of the page that you should be spending time on. Once you’ve proven that this idea is going to make you more money, then test different ways of displaying that idea to maximize the impact on your revenue.

This way you know that the time and effort you spend on designing is spent on something that is proven to make you more money.