Stumped? Several Sites for Inspiration – SEO Monday



Trying to break out of writersblock? Check out these sites for inspiration!

Find Your OWN Inspiration

As a writer, it’s normal to develop some sort of writer’s block especially if you are constantly writing about the same products or services. But it can even happen to copywriters like me who write for lots and lots of clients. This is a simple blog post or rather a semi-required reading list for those who need help with a bit of inspiration. After all everyone knows that good writers are good readers, and that good content drives SEO that performs. So, here are some excellent resources (in addition to ours) in no particular order:

Copyblogger – This blog site offers you a ton of info on writing styles for website content along with some guides on writing effective press releases, case studies, emails and more.

Content Marketing Institute (formerly known as Junta 42 and Joe Pulizzi’s blog) – From eBooks to white papers, this blog is full of content marketing information that you can absorb – whether you’re a small e-commerce business or a larger enterprise.

Grammar Girl – Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing – This site answers all of my grammar questions and is set up in a fairly easy way to navigate. Think of it as your middle school vocabulary class review.

Marketing Profs – It’s exactly what its tagline says “Smart thinking…pass it on”. ‘Nuf said.

Wikipedia – I’m not saying I depend on Wikipedia for in-depth, accurate research, but if you’re absolutely lost as to what something is (especially if you’re writing about a topic you have no clue about), Wikipedia can really introduce you to the topic before diving in.

Daily Infographic – For me, visual inspiration mixed with a bit of content always helps. Infographics generally contain a lot of quick-witted, vital content. Grab some good vocabulary or punchy phrases to use in your writing.

Grow – Grow offers all kinds of marketing advice – from social media to content marketing. Plus they have really funny cartoons called “gotoons” that speak to social media and marketing nerds.

Heidi Cohen – A simple blog with digital and direct marketing inspiration. She takes complicated concepts and makes them easy to understand.

If you’re a writer, then you probably already frequently use and for some minor research. I’d also recommend in investing in an AP Stylebook as well. You can even get an online subscription.

If all else fails I usually just check out the San Diego Zoo panda cam and stare until the words start to flow. As your writing progresses, you’ll eventually come up with a routine and a list of websites you visit for motivation. I think Dr. Seuss said it best: “The more that you read, the more things you will know.”