Study Details Extent of ‘Blind Spot’ in Call-to-Click Advertising


A study conducted by the Marchex Institute, a call analytics company, determined that marketers spent upwards of $4 billion on call-to-click advertising in 2014, generating around 50 million ad-driven phone calls. The Marchex study focused on the dilemma created when a user clicks on a call extension, which triggers a potential sales event that occurs with significantly less information available to the advertiser, including a lack of keyword attribution. This makes t difficult for marketers to determine which keywords correlate with which calls, among other information, creating a “blind spot” that could ultimately hurt marketers’ bottom lines.

The Marchex Institute study looked at ad-driven calls that occurred from search ads as well as from mobile landing pages. Around 60 percent of phone calls occurred from click-to-call ads, with 40 percent coming from landing pages.