Small Businesses Please Start Advertising!

By Scott

It’s pretty sad when you go to Google to find a small business or service provider, and you simply can’t find what you’re looking for.

Last weekend I was home in NJ visiting my parents. For some reason, one of our discussions turned towards finding a local nutritionist for them to work with. Of course, we didn’t even consider opening up the phone book. We turned straight to Google. You know what we found?


We could not find one local nutritionist on Google. Can you believe it?

I had a similar experience this weekend. I was looking for a real estate agent who specialized in Cambridge Real Estate. I had more luck this time. I was able to find real estate agents. The only problem was that all their websites stunk! I could not tell one apart from the other, and none of the websites provided an education about Cambridge real estate.

In two occasions over the past week and a half, I tried so hard to give my business to local companies, but I had a hard time finding anyone to give my money to. When I finally did find companies who potentially offered the services I required, their websites made it hard for me to contact them.

The point of this blog post: Small businesses, please start taking “online” seriously. You’re leaving a lot of money on the table!