Sidebar your new Sidekick?

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Will Google’s Sidebar become your new sidekick?

This week Google introduced Desktop 2,? a new version of its desktoo search tool.? What’s got everyone really interested is the new Sidebar.? It will kick off a new wave of Google widgets to match the wave of widgets developed after Apple’s new Tiger OS introduced Dashboard.? [To insure that happens, Google has introduced software development kits (SDK) and application programming interfaces (API) ]

“We saw this as a way for users to sit back and watch the Web come to them,” said Nikhil Bhatla, product manager for Google Desktop, in Mountain View, Calif., eweek reports.

Here’s what Google’s Sidebar offers.? Thanks? Gary Price, News Editor, Search Engine Watch

You can put Sidebar anywhere on your desktop so long as Google desktop search is open.? Sidebar comes? pre-loaded with eight panels that can be minimized, added to, removed and automatically updated with new info.

e-mail. Check on your Gmail or Outlook mail.

news. Headlines from a variety of sources.

web clips.? What Google calls RSS feeds, this panel functions as an RSS aggregator.

scratch pad.? Quick notes.

photos.? Your favorites displayed as a side show.

quick view.? Access to frequently used webpages and files.

what’s hot.? Zeitgist from DayPop and Technorati.

stocks.? Current prices for your selected securities.

weather.? Wherever you pick.

search.? ? Search.

Since you customize your Google Sidebar the way you want, you can add new widgets as they come along.? Google just introduced it’s messaging system, Google Talk, which can be connected to your Google Sidebar.? Google Talk has voice over IP capabilities or VOIP.

Gartner calls Sidebar best in its class while some security experts are still leery.? Greg Sterling of the Kelsey group says Sidebar is a tool that sits somewhere between a toolbar and a browser “with a taste of OS functionality”.