More Shoppers Start with Amazon Versus Google for Product Searches

By EXCLUSIVE Insights Team
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A recent study by PowerReviews unveiled some interesting results concerning where users start when they’re in the early phases of product research. It showed that 38 percent of shoppers start their journey at Amazon, with 35 percent beginning at Google and 21 percent going straight to a specific brand or retail site.

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The study’s respondents cited props such as the variety of products, free shipping and better deals as the reason behind their preference for Amazon. Additionally, over half of those respondents that said Amazon was their go-to source for initial product searches cited the retailer’s product reviews as a key factor for beginning there.

With that being said, 52 percent of those shoppers who preferred Google clicked on Google Shopping results to continue their product hunt, but 41 percent went straight to an Amazon listing from the Google search results page.

How to Leverage Amazon for Ecommerce

With Amazon making headway against Google in e-commerce search, marketers should continue to focus on using Amazon Marketplace as a key platform for sales. When implementing the proper keywords and using Amazon’s sales guidelines to highlight products and features, marketers can take advantage of this early-stage opportunity.

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Still, Google search results — especially Google Shopping results — are a prime source for shoppers in the beginning phases of product research, so it’s important to ensure that your Shopping campaigns are well-optimized for this category of potential buyers. In other words, ecommerce companies need to ensure that they’re adapting to the new ways users are finding and buying products online.

“The better brands and retailers understand the path to purchase, the better equipped they are to attract shoppers and deliver a user experience that drives conversion,” said PowerReviews CEO Matt Moog.

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