Shop Til' You Drop! Capturing the Holiday Shopper's Attention – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


As the reports begin to surface we are happy to report that this past Holiday weekend has seen a healthy increase in sales compared to last year.

And while the dust settles, we can begin to examine the successes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s important to continue to strike while the iron is hot! People are now officially in gift buying mode. This past weekend showed us that people are willing to spend where there is value. If you need any evidence you can turn on your TV and see how people gave up their turkey dinners in order to camp outside of retailers to ensure that they were able to get the best deals.

My wife and I were even swept up into the chaos as we went Outlet shopping on Friday. It was truly a unique experience.

So now that we are past the holiday weekend how can e-commerce stores entice their PPC traffic to not only click their ad but also complete the sale?

In my years of experience I have found that what works best with e-commerce is to create an incentive for the shopper to shop on your site as well as create a sense of immediacy in order to have them complete their purchase on their first visit.

Clients in the past have used many value adds during the Holidays in order to entice shoppers such as Flash Sales, Free Gift Wrapping, and many more. Free Gifts when possible will always make a great Value prop when it comes to your Pay Per Click ad copy. People are always drawn to the possibility of getting a free gift as a bonus for something they were already intending on purchasing

But as the days go by Shipping becomes more and more a concern with shoppers. I personally love when sites incorporate a shipping countdown on their site. It prompts the shopper to acknowledge that there is limited time left in the shopping season and that if they order now they are guaranteed to have their order delivered before the big day!

You can also relay that time sensitive messaging within your PPC ads. While Free Shipping will always win shoppers over having the ability to say In Stock and Shipping is a strong value prop at this time of year, especially when you want to rescue those last minute shoppers.

Of course, you will have to ensure that any messaging that you utilize in your ad copy will be reflected on the site when the shopper arrives. Make sure that you have your value props highly visible on your site. This is important because you can lose the sale if the shopper does not feel that the site is reinforcing your messaging.

As stated at the start of today’s post, people are indeed spending but it has become apparent that people want to feel that they are getting the most bang for their buck. This gives online retailers the ability to demonstrate their value and potentially gain a new lifetime customer.

So, with this past weekend kicking the shopping season into high gear, stay fresh, deliver values, and speak to the immediacy and anxieties your shoppers are feeling!