SEO Monday – Website SEO Checklist

By Joe


Identifying crawl errors is one of the most important things you can do to improve your site’s crawlability and improve overall site quality. In Google Webmaster Tools, there is a section under “Diagnostics” called “Crawl Errors” that will show 404 errors and other crawl issues on your website. Fixing any broken links should be top priority from the list of action items from today’s blog.

Another important section in Webmaster Tools is under “Diagnostics – HTML Suggestions”. Here you can recommendations for a few different areas of your site. The most important area here is the “Title tag” section. Webmaster Tools will note pages on your site that missing, duplicate, long, short and non-informative title tags. It is most important to immediately address any duplicate or missing title tags. Following this, you’ll also want to improve the optimization and length of long and short title tags. Best practices calls for title tags to be up to 70 characters in length. If you have many pages on your site that are over the 70 limit, it is generally OK, but if you find you have title approaching an 85-90+ character size, you will eventually want to work on reducing them to help further improve your site.

The next area of the site is the meta descriptions section. Webmaster Tools will note pages on your site that contain duplicate, long and short meta descriptions. While addressing any duplicate or missing meta descriptions is the most important, it can also be helpful to come back and address both the short and long ones as well. Best practices for meta description length recommend having it around 150 – 155 characters.