SEO Monday – Verbatim Search in Google

By Joe


A few weeks ago Google announced it has created a verbatim tool to help users find exactly what they’re looking for. When a user performs a normal Google search and incorrectly types something for example, Google has become smart enough to recognize the typo and to serve up results to what it believes the user was actually looking for. However, sometimes the results provided are not always what the user actually wants so the new verbatim tool will remove any of Google recommendations and only serve up results that match exactly what is typed.

To use the new verbatim tool, it is actually pretty easy:

  1. First perform a normal search in Google for the phrase you’re looking for
  2. Next, click on the “show search tools” in the left hand column, where you’ll see a list expand of the different tools
  3. Finally, click “verbatim” on the list which will then filter out the results to just the verbatim results you are looking for.

Now let’s take a look at an example of the verbatim tool in action.

In the example show on the slide, you’ll notice on the left screenshot how Google shows results for “vinyl fences” (with an ‘I’ in vinyl) because it recognizes the possibility of a typo and that most likely the user is looking for these results. On the right screenshot, you’ll notice a search done using the new verbatim tool where Google is now only showing results for “vynyl fences” (with a ‘Y’ for the spelling). In comparing the number of results for both, you can see that using verbatim significantly reduces the numbers of results which can easily help people find exactly what they’re searching for without the clutter of what Google believes you want.