SEO Monday – Top Ten Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid – Part 2

By Joe


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My name is Scott, an SEO Analyst at Exclusive Concepts, and today I’ll be covering the second half of the top 10 common SEO mistakes that all site owners should avoid.

Continuing where we left off from last week, we’ll begin with number 5 which covers one of the bigger SEO mistakes, and that is poor title tag optimization. Title tags are one of the more heavily weighed elements of on-page optimization, so it is important that your titles are as optimized as possible. Looking at the bad site in our example, we see an occurrence you might have come across before. The site uses “Homepage” for it’s homepage title. If you are trying to optimize your site for specific keywords, this is one of the biggest errors you can make in wasting precious title tag space by stating the obvious! Instead, a better optimized site would instead incorporate the keywords it is targeting. This can significantly boost the number of potential on-page SEO points that can be scored for each keyword, and also looks much better to potential visitors in search results.

Another critical mistake many sites make in SEO is choosing a poor keyword selection. One of the most common mistakes in keyword selection is only choosing keywords based on the search volume of the terms. Search volume is an important factor, but it is just as important to consider other factors like competition and the quality of traffic the term will bring too. The higher the competition, the greater the investment and harder it is to achieve a page one ranking for your term. Even if you do make it to page one, you may find that you are getting millions of visitors, but none of them are converting because of a poorly chosen keyword selection.

Let’s use the example here and look at the difference between the bad site and good site, both of which offer new, state-of-the-art televisions. The bad site has decided to base its keyword selection solely on search volume and ignore all other factors, therefore choosing two very ambiguous and competitive terms. The bad site will find it extremely difficult to achieve good rankings with these words. In addition, when people do come across the bad site, many of them find that the site doesn’t have what they are looking for. An example would be someone who typed in the keyword “television” hoping to find the history of TV since it was invented. Obviously a site like Wikipedia would be a much better match than this ecommerce site, so the visitor would immediately bounce upon arriving at the bad site. Another example may be someone typing in “HDTV” hoping to find reviews on the best quality or lowest price HD TV sets.

On the other hand, the good site chose longer-tail keywords that has a greater potential of bringing in qualified traffic. Chances are if someone entered either of these terms, they are further along in the buying process and are either looking to purchase a TV online or find additional information or specs on the TV before purchasing it. Either way, the good site is much more relevant for the terms and has much higher chances of converting customers than the bad site.

Moving on to number 3, we come to one of the most important SEO mistakes that is currently happening across the internet right now and that is content. Google and other search engines place an enormous emphasis on sites having fresh and unique content. By content, I am generally speaking of pages that have at a minimum of 150-250 words of body text on each page. Sites that have no content, or contain very little, are at a huge disadvantage compared to sites that have well-written, keyword-rich content that is unique.

One of the biggest issues we are seeing in the SEO world the last few months is the problem with duplicate content. As an online retailer, many of you probably use manufacturer’s content or copy content from a competitor’s site. This is a big No-No, as having duplicate content can prevent your pages you’ve worked so hard on from appearing in Google’s index. For those of you familiar with the May Day Update that recently happened in Google’s algorithm, there are now many less pages in Google’s index that are ranking for long tail keyword terms, partly due to the duplicate content issue.

If you are a site owner that currently has pages with duplicate content, or think you might need more content added to your site, I would definitely recommend putting this as a priority at the top of your to-do list.

We’re almost down to number 1, but first I’d like to cover the 2nd last common mistake on our list and that is the assumption that SEO is one dimensional. Many site owners will approach SEO with the belief that it only hinges on one aspect whether it be on page optimization, linkbuilding, or another factor like content. The truth is there are multiple facets of SEO that are all important, many of which we’ve covered today like unique content, on page optimization, and also building external links to your site.

The sites realizing this and taking a proactive approach to SEO are the sites that have the greatest opportunity of being successful for ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs). If you fall into this category of only thinking of SEO one dimensionally, you might want to re-strategize and consider hiring some outside help if you cannot perform some of these tasks in house…. Which brings us to our final and biggest mistake any site owner can make in SEO and that is…

Not using Exclusive Concepts as their SEO partner! Sorry everyone, but I had to.

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Well that’s all and I hope you’ve found this week’s edition of SEO Monday helpful for your business! Thanks for watching and please tune tomorrow for another great PPC Tuesday!