SEO Monday – Top 3 SEO Predictions for 2012

By Joe


If the past few updates and Google revisions have shown us anything, it is that, google is doing its best to display as many paid search results as possible. Also other Google entities such as shopping results, qdf’s, brand links, related searches, store links, and local results have seemed to be getting more and more prominence these days as google tries to deliver the ultimate experience to its users.

It is true, that 2012 will become the year of holistic internet marketing as it is going to become harder and harder to sustain growth with just organic traffic. To truly sustain increased market share it will be essential to use all the channels that are at our disposal.

As Google has hinted, social media will begin to become more a factor in your rankings and overall success as a company. That’s right, as the internet evolves, it is proving more and more that no company can hide from the social web, nor should it. A good e-commerce store should have its ear to the streets and not just engage customers at a social level, but be there to discuss and handle any issues that arise, from bad reviews to pertinent current events, it is the companies that are able to show a commitment to engaging each and every customer and connect that will see the benefits.

And finally the number one factor this year in relation to your overall SEO score is going to continue to be content. As Google proved with the Panda update, they are cracking down on low quality sites in their index. The number one factor in weeding out low quality sites will continue to be the content contained on your site. We have seen this time and time again over the course of the panda updates this year. So make sure you continue to work hard at creating engaging, useful, expert content and try to keep it original. For ecommerce owners, yes this will even mean delving into the dreaded product level of you site to continue to cut down on negative signals.