SEO Monday – Think with Google

By Advanced SEO Team


Today’s post will be discussing Google’s Real-Time Insights Finder – a tool recently moved out of beta. This tool is a part of Google’s “Think” tools, bringing together search data with info-graphics, studies, and discussions from industry leaders and more. is bringing together useful resources for marketers, making it easy for professional marketers and business owners alike to perform research to make informed decisions about their business. Let’s say, for example, I’m the owner of a store that sells home furnishings and am considering creating a mobile site for my store. By clicking into the “out mobile planet” tab of the insights page, we can create our own graph looking at the search and buying behaviors of consumers in our vertical. We choose our target country (in this case, the US, which had a sample size of 6,000) and then click to see the graph. From this view we can see that the majority of smartphone owners in the sample don’t research home furnishings on their phone, but of the 24% that DID research products on their phone, 16% ended up making a purchase. If you’re selling bigger ticket items, such as furniture, a mobile site then might be worth the investment if selling a few items off the site allows it to pay for itself.

Another useful tool is the Real-Time insights Finder. It brings together many of the tools SEOs are used to using in one dashboard that’s straightforward and clickable, making these tools accessible and easy to understand for search marketers at any level. Carrying over the example from the last slide, I can look to see how people are searching for my product in my store’s location (Boston, for example.) By clicking into “What are people looking for” – “by region”, the tool brings you to Google’s Insights tool and allows you to see other highly searched terms in your area.

So take some time when you get a chance and play around with these tools at and let us know what you’ve found useful in the comments section below! I hope you’ve found this post helpful.