SEO Monday – The Death of a Search Engine

By Joe


That’s right today marks a sad day in the search engine world. After 2 years of doing pretty much nothing, ex-Google employees and their search engine CUIL aptly pronounced COOL but spelled in like a really hip way, have seemingly fallen off the face of the earth.
They will be missed by all 7 users that happened to stumble upon their search engine over the years.

Cuil will be laid to rest amongst their other fallen brethren, Alta Vista, All The Web, HotBot, looksmart, lycos, and the engine formerly known as Yahoo to name a few.
The complete list of search engines that have passed over the years is available at

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Cuil initially made a name for themselves as they were formed by ex-Google employees that were able to grab a ton of venture capital. The initial hype was then supported by the fact that upon their launch their web index was 3 times the size of Google’s. That is where the coolness ended. Apparently, the quality of the search results was bit of a joke. For example when searching for cuil on cuil, cuil didn’t even come up. That was totally not cool.

After the initial hype died down, Cuil didn’t have much to offer searchers and began their slow awkward descent to the Search engine graveyard. Ohh Cuil you will be the least missed of all search engines, if not for your lackluster search results but for your totally whack spelling skills. I mean come on even 3rd graders know hot to spell cool.

That’s it everyone. I hope you enjoyed today’s SEO Monday presentation.

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