SEO Monday – Special Halloween SEO Radio Show

By Joe


Thank you for joining us on our very first special edition your daily concept SEO Talk Radio with Joe.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsor Exclusive Concepts for the opportunity to set the stage for an exciting broadcast.

We have a lot of things to cover today. We are going to start with current events, take a few calls from our listeners regarding pertinent issues and the real treat we have for our loyal fanbase out there, we are going to have a special guest on the show today… the one and only Google Panda….

So lets jump right in:

In recent headlines Matt Cutts Googles SPAM CZAR officially went on the record saying SEO is not SPAM!

Lets go to the internet to see what people are saying about this:

TonyMCs on writes – “Yep, If I want to know something is spam, I always ask an advertising company”

Joe: Well Tony, Google although makes a majority of their profits in advertising Revenue, they have always primarily held true to their roots as a SEARCH company first and foremost. Your claim is erroneous and clearly bias. Perhaps someone was slapped too hard by the Panda..hmmm?

Speaking of the Panda we will be joined by GOOGLES ONE AND ONLY PANDA this very afternoon. So don’t touch that dial.

Host: In the mean time we are going to take a call from one of our listeners. We have Sol on the line…SOL where are you calling in from?

Joe:I don’t like to give that out

Host: well ok….. haha right… so SOL they tell my you have some kind of beef with the way Google is going to be discontinuing its reporting on organic referrer data for searches conducted while signed into Google.

SOL: Oh my word yes.

Joe: SOL are you aware that this is really only going to effect a very small amount of searches being conducted I’ve heard somewhere in the area of 10%

Sol: well that puts a whole different paint job on things. Thank you.

Joe: I bet is does SOL. Thanks for calling in. Alright next caller we have Bobby on the line. Bobby how you doin?

Joe: Alright next caller we have Bobby on the line. Bobby how you doin?

Bobby: Hello. How are you.

Joe: I’m well thank you. Tell me Bobby that’s a nice accent you have there. New Jersey?

Bobby: Who wants to know.

Joe: well our listeners like to hear a bit about who we have on the line.

Bobby: Shut up and listen. Boise Idaho.

Joe: Alright….. Bobby From Boise clearly a charmer….claims to have his hands on the google algorithm and apparently is selling it on the open market. This is a VERY interesting story.

Bobby: Yea right.

Joe: Tell me Bobby, I would think that this would be a REALLY difficult thing to get your hands on…almost next to impossible can you tell us where you got this.

Bobby: You would ha… your concern. FOSTER GRANT.

Joe: Foster Grant?! Isn’t that a brand of reading glasses?

Bobby: Jack Walsh.

Joe: The Cricket player. Are you serious?

Bobby: I’m taking you very seriously.

Joe: How many semooolians are we talking about here?

Bobby: 100,000

Joe: that’s its if And if I was your accountant Id be pushing for a lot more than that ?

Bobby: not my accountant.

Joe: So…what are you going to do with all that cash?

Bobby: Coffee shop

Joe: Well with that personality you’d certainly make an excellent barista…

Bobby: Don’t like you. Have a nice day.

Joe: Ok…well that was certainly interesting. Well we are going to take our final caller. This guy needs no introduction. Hes been known to make a website disappear with a wave of a stalk of bamboo. Some say he doesn’t sleep he just sits in his cube updating the Google index….welcome to the show Mr. Panda.

Panda: Hey Everybody.

Joe: So Panda… Some folks are pretty upset at all the changes you are making on the search results.

Panda:That is a really boring story.

Joe: Well I don’t think so Panda. You see this has really hit a lot of ecommerce stores hard.

Panda: ohh that’s

Joe: Rigggght! So panda looking back at Google’s old index pre panda what would you say is the major difference.

Panda: That’s is morbidly obese.

Joe: Well I wouldn’t go as far as to say the index was obese but Yes you sure have made an effort at cleaning up low quality sites. What would you say is one red flag that lets you know a site is a candidate for pandalization.

Panda: { like to good old days} like copyright infringement.

Joe: I agree that duplicate content is bad for rankings. But could you elaborate a little more on what you are looking for in the content….

Panda:shallow and pandantic.

Joe: That doesn’t make any sense…I mean aren’t those opposites of each other

Panda: Submit in writing.

Joe: well we don’t like to pull any punches on the show sir. And these are questions that need to be addressed.

Panda: heh you’re right. What was that last one.

Joe: Sure, I asked what other things are you looking for in the content of high quality sites.

Panda: O yea I remember.

Joe: Well are you going to tell us?

Panda: ME ME ME during commercials

Joe: well sir its clear we are not going to get much out of you today.
If you could just give us any clues as to whether we can expect any major changes in the next couple weeks….

Panda: you just leave that to me.

Joe: Alright there you have it folks. That’s all the time we have for today. Thanks for sitting in on our special Holiday edition of Your daily concepts and The SEO RADIO SHOW With JOE.