SEO Monday – Site Health Notifications in Google Webmaster Tools

By Joe


Today I’d like to cover a new feature Google has recently added to Webmaster Tools called Site Health.

The first thing you’ll notice when you log into Webmaster Tools is the new layout of the homepage. Like the old homepage, all of the individual websites you manage will be listed when you log in, but the new homepage also features specific messages concerning site health. In most cases, webmasters should hopefully see the “Nothing to report” message, indicating there are no major areas of concern with the site. If there are any issues however, you will see a message similar to the top one on this slide that reads, “Severe health issues are found on your site”. Next to this message will be an link saying “Check site health”.

When you click the link, the list of health issues will be shown on the screen. Currently the different areas that are displayed are any malware that is detected, any important pages that may have been removed via the URL removal tool, and any important pages being blocked by the robots.txt file. Clicking into one of these issues will then pull up a more detailed explanation of that issue. After a website owner resolved the issue on their site, Google has indicated it may take several days before the issue is removed in Webmaster Tools.