SEO Monday – Recent Google Changes

By Joe


Exclusive Concepts is in a unique and rewarding position to be able to work with so many fascinating e commerce companies. The benefits of working with such as vast assortment of web stores really gives us insight before most into even the slightest shifts in the Google algorithm. Often times it is the scary dramatic changes that Google makes that often get a lot of attention i.e. May day and caffeine. However, it’s the small tweaks that often help an ecommerce site that often go unnoticed. Last week we witnessed a rollout of a shift in Google and the way they serve up ranking pages. Where once many of our clients homepages ranked for quite competitive terms; we recently have seen the emergence of relevant category pages.

Because of our client confidentiality is important to us, I am told by the censors at Exclusive Concepts that I am not allowed to use real client names. Therefore names, URLs, products, and rankings below have been changed to protect the innocent.

For example has historically ranked on their homepage for the term blue widgets. They have acquired links to the homepage for this term worked it into the homepage content and optimized accordingly. However since the recent shift, www.widgets.coms ranking of one on their homepage has recently been replaced by their internal page This shift has gone practically unnoticed this week and most likely for several reasons. One, rankings have not really been effected by the shift just the ranking page. Since the pages that are being swapped in general are more relevant, we are most likely going to see a higher conversion rate, lower bounce rate, and hopefully more sales from our newly visible pages.

Google typically doesn’t get enough credit or press when they make a positive change and typically get slammed by the masses when a change is made that is unfavorable so I think we all need to give Google a big thumbs up for this recent tweak in the algorithm, it is just in time for the Christmas shopping season. So thanks Google.