SEO Monday – Pinterest Your Way to Better SEO



In the midst of all the Facebooking, Twittering and Tumblring that’s going on out there in the social media world, Pinterest emerges as the knight in shining armor – fairly accurate since its users are mainly women on the younger side. I actually don’t think I could count the women on one hand that aren’t on it. But Pinterest isn’t all wedding ideas and home decorating tips; it’s actually a great site for promoting your online store.
Since Pinterest is basically an image sharing site, you may think your business has no use for it. Here’s where you’re wrong. I’ve scoured some other blog posts and have come up with some of my own ideas on how your ecommerce store can use Pinterest effectively while keeping in mind your SEO and your customer.

  • If you’re a product-based e-commerce store, it’s probably pretty obvious that you should be adding pictures of your products on Pinterest. Make sure your photography is professional-looking so your customers are intrigued and click through to your store.
  • Pinterest can also act as a great way to introduce your customers to your team. Create a section with pictures and names of your customer service representatives so they know who they’re talking to when they call in for help.
  • Get your customers involved and get reviews at the same time by having buyers send in pictures of themselves using your product.
  • Are you getting ready to launch a new product or product line? Before everything is set in stone, use Pinterest to test it out. Get real feedback from customers.
  • Create a new contest weekly or monthly to get new customers excited about your products and build store loyalty.

There are a few good things to keep in mind in order for Pinterest to add true SEO value to your company. People need to re-pin you and credit your site as the original for back-linking opportunities to work. Make sure your images on your Pinterest link back to your website and not an image file, and also make sure you add prices to let people know that your products are in fact, for sale. And finally, add Pin It buttons to your webpages that have important products and/or valuable information so people can share easily.
Since Pinterest is a relatively new social media, there will certainly be changes in the following months, but we’ll keep you updated with how all of it unfolds.