SEO Monday – Is Google Getting Smarter Every Day?

By Joe


So..I came across a funny observation while doing some Googling this weekend.
We all have seen that Google often bolds the phrase that you have searched for in a search result.
Whether it be the title tag, or even the meta description.
As seen in this example for the search query Wes Welker Jersey.

However, while doing some research over the weekend for a side project, I noticed a funny observation.
While doing a search for the query “Best Football Players of all Time”
I noticed some discrepancies in Google’s Bolding patterns.

In several cases the results, although relevant reflected bolded terms for synonyms of my own query.
And in once case, the term Soccer was bolded, which in this instance is a clear indicator, that google is unsure how to treat the term football as soccer is called football in most countries but is a completely different sport here in the United States. conclusion, I am not sure if this is a recent update, but certainly something I have been seeing more and more often.

Also, it seems that Google is smart, it is still a machine and in NO Way perfect (yet), or a mind reader. So be cognizant of this fact when searching for terms that may have multiple meanings.