SEO Monday – How to Use PPC Data to Choose SEO Keywords

By Joe


Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a great way to uncover keywords that have a strong penchant for increasing revenue through your site. It’ s part of solution to a major problem: Too often e-commerce website owners put their resources into ranking organically for a keyword only to find out that they have a poor conversion rate, click through rate, or it just down right is not a profitable keyword.

Here, we use a hypothetical page that is dedicated to the brand “2 crave” chrome rims and we are looking at 6 keywords that currently bring the most traffic to our page.

At first glance, the conversion rates of “2 crave accessories” and “2 crave chrome wheels” appear to point us in their direction. But we quickly cancel the accessories term because it lacks a statistically valid sample size, but more importantly it doesn’t have a high enough average order value for this page; 12 clicks cannot represent an accurate picture of this keyword and regardless, the story is not very promising in its ability to generate revenue.

“2 crave wheels” has the highest search volume and drives descent traffic. With a little conversion work, it has decent potential. All the other options here seem to have merit as well, each driving a minimum of 120 visits and converting at an average order value of over $1,500. But we’ll cancel out “2 crave wheels no 5” as it is better suited for a specific product page.

We are left with 4 options. Our goal is to choose 3 for optimizing this page.

Now, with looking at just the keywords themselves, we must appreciate the SEO reality of the situation and finalize our keywords. The outlier here is “2 crave”. It currently maintains the lowest conversion rate, but more importantly, is a 2 keyword phrase that does not hold it’s weight as a more generic term.

Typically, a 2 word phrase would be more competitive in the SEO world, but would pay off in terms of search volume. Here, the search volume is hardly worth the competition nor the resulting lower conversion rate. With just a little sifting through the data, we’re able to identify 3 keywords that are worth going after on the SEO side for our “2 crave” page.

At Exclusive Concepts, our passion is analyzing data to form plans that truly have a high probability of success. PPC data often informs our SEO keyword research and helps us reduce the risks associated with keyword selection. Our clients can be confident that when they attain the visibility for a target keyword, it will have been worth the effort; giving our SEO program a strong ROI focus.

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