SEO Monday – Google's Search Blog

By Advanced SEO Team


This week, I’d like to share a resource with you that has been getting a lot of buzz in the SEO world these past few weeks. I’m not sure how many of you already knew this, but members of the Google team responsible for working on the Google algorithm actually publish their own blog (Find it at On the blog, they discuss topics pertaining to search and Google. This past week they actually started a new series of monthly posts that are supposed to help make them more transparent. In these posts they highlight important elements of the search engine algorithm that are being worked on. Here are a few things from the most recent post that I found useful.

Parked Domain Classifier

Google has added a classifier to it’s algorithm that automatically detects parked domains. A parked domain or website is a page that serves no purpose but just lives on the internet. I equate this to an empty house. Google says that these parked domains rarely help searchers find what they are looking for and typically just have a lot of advertising. Because of this, Google will now exclude these pages from the search ranking. As a ecommerce store owner you want to make sure you website actually provides value, and if you end up purchasing a parked domain you want to make sure that you make the changes necessary for Google to correctly recognize your website.

Original Content

Google is really on a kick of adjusting it’s algorithm to make sure pages with the best content are at the top of search results. Original content can really help boost your websites ranking in the search engine. Not only is Google emphasizing content, the algorithm can now figure out where the original content comes from. If you are writing copy for your website, be very careful and make sure that your content is original because we all know how difficult it is to rebound after falling into Google’s bad graces. When in doubt, be original!

Top Result Selection Code Rewrite

This deals with websites that Google serves up at the top of the first page. Google wanted to avoid serving up the same website in multiple spots at the top of the search engine. This serves a few purposes, it helps create competition at the top of the search results. If for instance your competitor had a few pages ranking at the very top of the search results, going after that term might have not been worth your time. Now, it should be easier to rank for terms like that. This change in the algorithm is particularly interesting, I’d be interested in hearing what other algorithm changes the Google team comes up with regarding the top search results. If I had to guess, I would probably say that Google’s algorithm will be paying even closer attention to those top search results. My advice would be to make sure that if you want to rank for a specific term or long tail, make sure everything on the page you want to rank for adds value for someone that were to come to your page based on a search for that term.