SEO Monday – Google Standout Tag

By Joe


Google announced in Boston this weekend a hot new HTML head tag they are beginning to recognize for online publishers. The Standout tag.

So if you happen to work at a major news outlet or simply have a blog or website that is updated regularly or perhaps multiple times per day, Google is now giving you the ability to mark-up your most important articles for better chance of inclusion in Google news.

Now from what I have read on the Google blog, this new tag although will increase the chances of your article being picked up by Google news, it is also serves another purpose….”giving even more credit where credit is due.” Apparently the tag as seen here can point to outside sources for your article which is an interesting concept.

Now this is just pure speculation here, but having google roll out a meta tag that allows for referencing outside sources brings up a whole host of interesting questions for the future.

Currently, this tag is only being used in the U.S. version of google news, however if this tag is adopted by the publishing community and is a success, perhaps we could also see this type of a tag rolled out across the web world.

As we all know, duplicate content is an issue that is very real and effects a websites ability to rank well in the search engines, yet if google was able to allow for web store owners to tag pages in which they may be using manufacturer descriptions while citing the original, we may perhaps be on to something not just for the news community but for ecommerce marketers as well.