SEO Monday – Google Realtime Gets a Homepage

By Tim


Welcome to Your Daily Concept – Get Smarter Every Day. Today, is SEO Monday.

My name is Tim, I’m an internet marketing strategist here at Exclusive Concepts, and today I’ll be talking about the new Google Realtime Search homepage.

For those not familiar, Google Realtime Search lets you see up-to-the-second social updates, news articles and blog posts about hot topics around the world.

For a while however, there was no way to search these realtime results – they would simply populate in the standard Google results pages if you just happened to be searching for a hot trending topic.

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Now, Google has finally given Realtime search a home at

Basically, you can type in any keyword and see the very latest results streaming from facebook updates, twitter updates, blog posts, news articles and various other social media outlets.

There’s a number very useful applications for Google realtime, including getting up to the minute updates on breaking news, getting a wide variety of opinions on a specific topic, following events you’re interested in – and doing so all in one place.

You can even refine your Realtime search results based on things like location and time – in addition to having the ability to follow full conversations people are having about the particular topic you’re searching on.

In the ecommerce world, Google Realtime search could present a great opportunity to find additional exposure to your products, highlight your promotions, generate product reviews and much more depending on how creative you can get.

To learn more about Google Realtime search you can visit the official google blog – or you can just go to and start trying it our for yourself.

That’s it for SEO Monday – I hope you enjoyed the update and I hope you have a great day.