SEO Monday – Google +1 and Rankings

By Joe


Today I will be analyzing Google plus patterns to measure its effect on rankings.

So as the Google +1 technology has been around for several months now, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to measure its influence on the organic rankings.

In a rather unscientific approach, I decided to take a random sampling of keywords, and analyze the SErP results of for those keyword queries.

Lets see what I found.

For my first keyword I decided it would have to be a top tier term.

One that even the big brands were most likely competing for and thus a keyword that is uber competitive.

One that is bound to be a multimillion dollar market despite a downed economy.

The first product that jumped into my mind was Women’s Shoes.

Looking at the top ranking sites for women’s shoes it definitely seems that page one is dominated by big brands. However, there does not seem to be a correlation of ranking and Google +1’s for this keyword. Lets take a look at our next keyword.

For my next keyword, I wanted to still look at a competitive keyword, but perhaps one that may not be as saturated by the top brands.

Once again for the term, I could see no clear correlation between the number of Google +1’s on the ranking page or homepage and a corresponding Google ranking.

Finally, I decided a localized query is also an area where we may be able to gain insight, so I chose the term “Pizza Boston.”

Looking at the numbers here although it seems Google is preferring sites with more plus ones there really is no consistency here as has no plus’s to the ranking page but 82 to the homepage yet ranks above yelp who has zero to the ranking page as well but 1238 +1’s to the homepage. Perhaps has scored higher algorithmically due to “Boston” being in the domain name but at this point it is still hard to tell.

So in my admittedly unscientific conclusion, I feel Google is still yet to bring the +1 tally into the ranking algorithm for most types of queries.

I feel it is being weighted more to localized search but to what effect it is still unclear.